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Greatness is in the details


The command centre is the first of its kind in Malaysia.

With five units of 60 inch CCTV screens working in conjunction with 32 CCTV cameras surveying critical and non-critical areas in the facility as well as our fully monitored delivery vehicles, Neuron Biohub ensures maximum security round-the-clock. All CCTV footages are ‘live’ and can be accessed by our clients remotely as well. Temperature gauges fixed throughout the facility also provides our trained professionals and clients ‘live’ informational access to the environmental conditions in the facility at any time of day.


The facility is also equipped with multiple back-up generators on standby in case of power failure.

Back-up wireless routers are also outfitted throughout the facility as an emergency response system to any potential fibre optic outage. In order to safeguard and maintain optimal functionality, the facility goes through a monthly audit of its systems through an emergency drill exercise that powers down the facility to ensure that the safeguards are operationally ready.

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