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Built in 2017, Neuron Biohub is the first state-of-the-art energy saving facility purpose-built to support life sciences and the development of bio-innovations. The company believes that it is a moral responsibility to provide outstanding and accessible healthcare products and services to everyone.

Headquartered in Hicom-Glenmarie, Shah Alam, Malaysia, Neuron Biohub sits on over 88,600 sq ft of land with two main warehouses and two temperature and relative humidity regulated cold rooms on site. The facility is designed and built to a standard unparalleled by any other facilities in the region to raise the bar in life sciences support. With a clear understanding of our vital role, Neuron Biohub’s protocols and processes are designed to be precise, meticulous and secure.

With round-the-clock monitoring and surveillance via an advanced command centre, the company provides clients absolute assurance and peace of mind to focus on their core life sciences business operations. As a warehousing and logistics specialist, all of Neuron Biohub’s transport vehicles are fully-monitored, temperature controlled and tracked from the command centre.

The facility is Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices (GDPmd) certified and aims to position itself as a vital part of healthcare infrastructure to society.

Khing K Cheng

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
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